The Best Christmas Gifts for a 5-Year-Old Girl

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Christmas gifts for a 5-year-old girl should suit her age and personality. They should be safe and appropriate for a 5-year-old. They should also reflect whether she is feminine or she is a tomboy. It is also good to keep what she wants for Christmas in mind. At least one Christmas gift to a 5-year-old girl should be something she asked for.

Dolls and Other Toys

A 5-year-old girl who enjoys playing with dolls will appreciate a Christmas gift of dolls or a dollhouse. Be sure to choose a doll that she does not already have. If she already has a dollhouse, look for accessories or additions to the dollhouse she owns. Girls at this age also have a lot of energy. Buy Christmas toys that will give her an outlet for her abundance of energy and help her coordination, such as jump ropes, hula-hoops and sports balls.


A bicycle makes a suitable gift for a feminine girl or a tomboy, providing that she is physically capable of and interested in riding a bike. Be sure to keep her favorite color and her personal style in mind when choosing the bike. If she already has a bike, buy her accessories or see if she is in need of a new one. Even if a 5-year-old already has a bike, she may be ready for a bigger one or one without training wheels.


An average 5-year-old is learning how to read or soon will be, and should have adults read to her as much as possible. Therefore, simple books that she can sound out on her own or books her parents can read to her make helpful Christmas gifts. Choose books that are at her reading level and have themes that she can understand.

Clothing and Other Necessities

A 5-year-old girl is growing, going to school and dressing herself more. This means she may be more interested in clothes and she may want more new clothes. Choose colors and designs that she likes. If she likes specific television or movie characters, she may like clothes with those characters on them. Christmas presents such as school supplies, bedclothes, room decorations and furniture also are practical gifts for a 5-year-old girl who is changing all the time.