Teacher Graduation Party Ideas

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Graduation from a teacher preparation program is a momentous event in the life of any pre-service teacher. Achieving this milestone means that the eager educator is ready and able to obtain a teaching job and start fulfilling his dream of helping young people grow and succeed. When you are planning a teacher graduation celebration, there are a few special touches that you can incorporate to make the event extra meaningful and uniquely relevant to an individual preparing to become an educator.

Apple for the Teacher

The apple, aside from being a healthy snack, is a widely recognized icon representing the teacher profession. Use this symbol as a key element in your decorating scheme. Select red-hued decorations, and incorporate apple accents wherever possible. Create apple center pieces, using small baskets and inexpensive fruits, and make an apple-shaped congratulatory banner to hang against a well.

New Teacher Shower

While new teachers often love to spend money buying supplies to use in classrooms, newly minted teachers are often cash strapped and sometimes even drowning in education debt. Turn a teacher graduation party into a new teacher shower by asking guests to bring school-supply related gifts to the party. While most people would not be thrilled with a pack of pencils, new teachers will likely appreciate these practical gifts that will ultimately make their job easier. You can even buy the new teacher a personalized bag, emblazoned with her last name. This gift will come in handy as the teacher totes papers back and forth at the new job.

Chalkboard Cake

Large, dusty chalkboards are a ubiquitous feature in schools around the globe. Capture this classroom feature in sugary frosting by creating a chalkboard cake. Ice the cake in a thick layer of green frosting. Use gray frosting to create a chalkboard sill at the bottom and create a rectangular eraser in black. Then use white frosting to create a message similar to the one that the new teacher will write on the chalk board on his first day in the classroom.

Cafeteria Food

When people think of school, they often remember the simple, and at times unidentifiable, cafeteria food of years gone by. Continue your school theme by fixing cafeteria foods for your guests. You can avoid the less popular cafeteria food, and instead stick to the tasty, kid-pleasing treats that students actually enjoyed eating. Fill the menu with cafeteria goodies such as tater-tots, oven pizza and fish sticks. Go the extra mile and get pints of milk, the cafeteria beverage of choice.