Do Slacks & Moccasins Go Together?

Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A pair of chic moccasins may fulfill your dream of wearing your most comfy slippers out to dinner or all day at work. However, not all moccasins are created equally. Styling moccasins with the proper slacks depends on where your version of this shoe falls on the style scale. From authentic Native American moccasins to the designer-chic modern hybrid moccasins -- pair your moccasins appropriate to the occasion.

Men's Casual Moccasins Style

New renditions of the traditional moccasin shoe make it possible to wear the Native American-themed accessory with a variety of outfits including casual suits and trousers. However, the best look for pairing moccasins continues to be a more casual, sportswear style. Wear a pair of soft-suede moccasins with a pair of dark skinny jeans, be sure to pin-roll the cuff, skip socks and keep your shirt comfy-casual as well. A vintage T-shirt or a soft-structured button-down completes this look.

Men's Moccasins at the Office

As moccasin styles move more towards a loafer -- with stiffer, smoother leather and a more substantial heel -- they are more appropriate for dressier trousers. Wear a dark leather moccasin to the office with a pair of dark chino pants, a plaid button-down shirt and a deconstructed sports coat. The best style of sports coat for moccasins is one that has a soft construction and slim-fit. Another option for the office is the soft-sole, dark leather, slip-on moccasin shoe -- often referred to as a driving moccasin. Pair a driving moccasin with a pair of dark denim jeans a V-neck cashmere-blend sweater, a button-down and a tie to keep the outfit office-appropriate. Skip the socks: Moccasins and socks don't mix no matter what version of slacks you're wearing.

Dressed-Up Moccasin Style for Men

A pair of the modern moccasin boots provides a fall boot for men that is a refreshing change from the conventional leather ankle-boot. Wear a rich camel-colored moccasin ankle-boot with a tweed suit and a chambray button-down. The loafer-moccasin hybrid works with a more formal trouser or suit pant because of the firmer, more structured sole and cleaner lines.

Styling Moccasins for Women

Moccasin-inspired shoes are primarily showing up as menswear but women have options as well. Updated chic styles of moccasins for women allow you to pull together a very upscale look, despite the traditionally casual connotations linked to the soft shoe. A black, patent-leather, hard-sole pair of designer moccasins with a black-skinny pant or tuxedo-pant and a boyfriend blazer and a casual v-neck T-shirt is a staple outfit you can wear about town. High-end designer moccasin-loafer hybrids for women are chic enough in style to complement even the finest fabrics and trouser styles. A wool-blend cigarette pant with a moccasin-loafer hybrid that has tassel detailing is stylishly complemented by a sheer-chiffon, large bow-tie blouse.