Sixtieth Wedding Anniversary Idea

Spending 60 years together in wedded bliss certainly calls for recognition as well as admiration. Celebrate the 60th anniversary of a couple dear to you in a special way. Keep in mind the 60th anniversary is traditionally and in modern times considered the diamond anniversary. However, that doesn't mean you must incorporate diamonds into party themes or a gift.


Surprise parties may work for a 60th anniversary, but it may be better to inform the couple and let them participate in the planning process. This will ensure their closest friends will be invited along with the family. Depending on the budget and size of the party, renting a banquet hall or a room in one of the couple's favorite restaurants may make the party more classy or upscale for the couple. Serve brunch or lunch to accommodate anyone who isn't comfortable driving at night or goes to bed early, like many elderly people do.

Decorate the party space with story boards of pictures that tell the story of their life and marriage together. Framed photos displaying the couple through various years of their marriage would make appropriate centerpieces. Of course, flowers would also make elegant centerpieces. Any white flowers, the Diamond Rose or Diamond Anniversary Marigold, would be fitting choices.

Sentimental Gifts

Any sort of gold and diamond jewelry would fall into the 60th anniversary theme, although those things may not be wanted or needed at this point in the couple's lives. Homemade scrapbooks or photo albums with written messages from everyone in the family and the couple's friends may mean more to them than any purchased gift would. An elegant frame holding a photograph of the couple's wedding and 60th anniversary would be a sentimental treasure for them to display. Another option is using a large photograph including everyone in the family, from their children to grandchildren and great-grandchildren, all the way down.

Practical Gifts

Instead of giving the couple small knickknacks that pile up and collect dust, consider a gift they can use. Gift certificates to their favorite restaurant or theater will give them something to do and create long-lasting memories. Coupons they can use for help with chores are another idea, which are good for younger grandchildren (or great-grandchildren) who can help the couple around the house or yard. Errands such as grocery shopping are another chore that can be gifted with the use of homemade gift certificates. Send the couple on a vacation or cruise if they'd enjoy it. A wine-of-the-month club or vineyard tour may be appropriate for a couple who enjoys wine.