Puff Paint Ideas for T-Shirts

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Designing your own T-shirt is a dream come true for many crafty children. This is an easy activity that will help encourage your child’s creativity as well as engage their fine-motor skills. There are many ideas for creating T-shirts when using puff paint. All that is required for this activity is T-shirts, puff paint in various colors and other accessories sold at craft stores.

Puff Paint Free Form

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For your energetic and creative children, allow them to use puff paint any way that they choose. This freedom will excite them and allow them to express themselves artistically. When doing this craft, spread newspapers down to protect the surface of the floor or table. If it is nice outside, this would be a great outdoor craft. All your child needs to do is squeeze puff paint in any design across the T-shirt. You may want to slide a piece of paper between the shirt layers to keep the surface more flat. Allow the shirt to dry overnight before wearing.

Glitter Spirals

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Glittery spirals will look beautiful on a T-shirt and are surprisingly simple. To begin this look, purchase a dark colored T-shirt; black would work the best for this project. Next, choose, at the most, three colors of puff paint. Squeeze the paint in spiral patterns around the shirt. Before the paint dries, sprinkle loose glitter over the paint. Silver would look great against a black T-shirt. Shake the excess glitter onto a piece of newspaper. The extra glitter can be poured back into the glitter container and used at a later time. Let the shirt dry overnight before wearing.

To help preserve the glitter, wash inside-out and hang to dry.

Family T-shirt

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A fun family project would be to create puff paint T-shirts. Each family member can choose a color to represent them. Lay the shirts out flat on a table. Each person can go down the line, use puff paint to write their name on each shirt. Glitter or sequins can be added to the paint to add a little sparkle. When the shirts have dried, each family member will have a special T-shirt created by their entire family.

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