Church Ideas for Children for "God Made Me Special"

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While it’s sometimes difficult for small children to understand complex concepts about Christianity, they can easily comprehend love. Teach kids that God loves them and made them special. The New International Version of the Bible translates Ephesians 2:10 as, “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works.” Tell kids that Jesus made each person unique, and because of that we should always respect one another.


Tell children that no two handprints are alike, and teach them the meaning of the word "unique." Write “God Made Us Unique” at the top of a piece of butcher paper. Let each child dip a hand in paint and press it onto the paper. Let kids write their names next to their handprints. Hang the butcher paper in the classroom. Another idea is for children to make thumbprint price tags. Give each child a small paper tag (a rectangle with a tapered end). Let them make thumbprints on the tag. Show them how to write “$Priceless” and “Made in Heaven” on the tag. Punch a hole into the tapered end of the tag and string yarn through to make a necklace.


Tell children that Ephesians 2:10 implies that we are God’s masterpieces. Let children draw self-portraits or take pictures of the children to put in homemade frames. Make small frames by shaping craft sticks into a square, or buy foam frames from a craft store. Kids can also create their own masterpieces by painting a picture based on their likes and dislikes. Children will follow your instructions to make the drawing. For example, say, “If you like sports, paint a blue circle on your paper. If you don’t like sports, paint a red circle.” Give children more instructions to paint other shapes and designs. By the end, each child should have a painting as unique as she is.


Tell very young children that God made their bodies, and human bodies can do many amazing things. Lead children in a game were they show off all the things their bodies can do, such as blinking, wiggling fingers, stomping, jumping and twirling. If you have a class of older children, let them take a talent inventory. Give them a sheet of paper with a list of at least 50 specific talents, such as running, drawing and listening. Instruct children to circle the talents they know they have, underline the ones they’re not sure if they have and put a star by the ones they would like to have.


There’s no better way to convince children that God blessed them with a special talent than for them to perform it in front of the class. Arrange a talent show where kids can display any God-given ability they have, no matter how trifling. If a child doesn’t think he has a talent, meet with him or his parents in order to discover one. If coordinating a talent show is too complicated, assign each student a class date in which they will bring an item for show and tell. The item should represent who they are and how God made them. For example, if a child loves to play soccer, he can bring a soccer ball.