How to Paint Your Own Wellies

wellington boots image by BasPhoto from

Painting your own wellies lets you customize your rainy day footwear and make them uniquely your own. Because they're made of a rubberized material, wellies can be difficult to paint. They are, after all, made to withstand water. You can either customize a pair of old well-loved wellies or you can buy a wellie painting kit which will contain a new pair. This is a fantastic craft activity for both you and the children making a rainy day look that little bit brighter.

Visit your local craft store and ask for either Tulip acrylic paints or Krylon fusion paints. Tulip acrylic paints are in a handy tube that makes it easier for children to use them. Make sure to read the packaging and check the guidelines on child use. Tulip acrylic paints dry quickly and won't drip or run. Alternatively you can use Krylon fusion paints which you spray onto the boot.

Select a variety of colors and purchase masking tape. Explain to the person in the craft store what you are doing and ask if they have any tips or advice. They may have stencils that you can use or other materials that you could incorporate to decorate your wellies further.

Lay newspaper on a flat surface where you want to work. Both types of paint will stick to wood and metal so be sure to cover the whole area. It would be best to use the Krylon fusion paint outside or at least in a well ventilated area.

Decide on a pattern, color scheme or design for your wellies. Mark out shapes and patterns with masking tape and secure stencils if you are using them. Tulip acrylic paints dry almost instantly, which allows you to change colors fluidly. Krylon fusion paints take up to 15 minutes to dry so you will need to wait before adding another color to keep the design crisp.

Leave your wellies to dry for a few days. This will make sure that the colors stick properly and the Krlyon fusion paint has completely dried. After a few days go and find some puddles to try out your snazzy revamped wellies!