How to Find the Number of a Voice Mail That Called Me

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If you have a voice mail message and you can't figure out where it came from, there are many tips that you can use to find out. By using a few tips, you can track down the phone number of a person who has left you a voice mail message. This is also a great way to block out unwanted calls that harass you around meal time.

Find time stamp information. After receiving a voice mail on your phone, be certain to go into your voice mail menu. From there, you can select the message that you want to hear and then listen to the "time stamp" on the message. This time stamp will give you the date, time, phone number and call duration of the message. This is a great way to track the phone number. Be certain to save this information.

Check your caller ID to see the information of someone who has left you a voice mail. The caller ID feature is a great way to track down the phone number, caller name, date and time of the call. If you get several voice mails from anonymous numbers, you can block phone calls that come from unidentified numbers. Be sure to check with the phone company to assist you with this feature, since your options may vary depending on the company and the phone service. Fees may apply.

Download the call history from your phone. You can simply go online or check your previous month's bill to see the call history. Check the date and time that you received the voice mail and locate it on your bill. If you are facing an issue such as harassment or stalking, be certain to submit this information to the proper authorities who are in charge of your case.

Clear out any old or previously reviewed messages out of your phone. This will ensure that you are receiving the messages that are the most recent. Many voice mail features often allow a caller to leave a "call back" number after they leave a message. Be certain to check with your phone company to see if you can retrieve this data by providing the date and time of the call.