New Employee Gift Ideas

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If you have hired an employee recently, then you may want to greet him or her on his or her first day with a welcome message and gift. New employee gifts make people feel welcome and appreciated on their first day of work. They also set the tone for the work environment and let people know that you are glad they have joined your staff.

Gift cards

A new employee will appreciate and benefit from a selection of gift cards, especially if he or she has moved to the area recently. Slip into a greeting card three gift cards from a variety of local establishments. For example, you may give the employee a $50 gift card to a grocery store, a $25 gift card to a local restaurant and a $25 gift card or certificate redeemable for a local tourist attraction. These gifts will go a long way in communicating your hope that the employee settles into his or her new home, job and city.

Desk goodie basket

Fill a basket with office goodies that your new employee can indulge in during breaks or when he or she has to work late. Make sure the food items are of a wide variety, such as trail mix, chocolate, fresh fruit, water bottles, bottled juice and soda. Consider packs of cookies, crackers and chips as well. You can mix healthy snack items with more indulgent ones.

Greeting card

Do not underestimate the power of a greeting card signed from people in upper management. Giving your new employee a card that has a personal message from supervisors is a heartfelt and powerful way to communicate to your new employee that you are glad you hired him or her for the job. Encourage staff members to sign a card to the new employee as well.


On his or her first day of work, treat your new employee to a company lunch with staff members, supervisors or team members. Another idea is to cater a lunch and serve it in a conference room. Encourage staff members to make a point to stop by during the lunch to welcome the new employee.