Moffett Mounty M7 Forklift Specifications

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The Moffett Mounty M7 forklift is used for moving materials in a variety of industries. According to Moffett, this forklift is used with in market sectors such as building materials, agriculture, animal foodstuffs, roofing, hardware, scaffolding, windows and doors, and emergency services. The M7 seems to be a very versatile forklift.

Standard Features

The Moffett Mounty M7 forklift has a flashing beacon, reverse beeper, work lights, road lights, safety door, seat belt, differential lock, rollover protective structure (ROPS), falling object protective structure (FOPS) and a stabilizer.

Additionally, for ease of transporting, the M7 can mount or dismount a truck or trailer in less than a minute.


There are eight models of the M7, they are; the 24.3, 27.3, 30.3, 35.3, 24.4, 27.4, 30.4 and the 35.4. The first four models are capable of two way movement, forward and reverse, but, the last four models can move in four directions, forward, reverse and side-to-side.

Shared Specifications

All models of the M7 have the same engine.It is a Kubota diesel motor rated at 50 hp. Also, they share the following specifications; lift height of 119.685 in., tire size 27 by 10-12, 3 drive wheels, overhang of 57.086 in. and ground clearance of 11.023 in.

Unladen Weight

Unladen weight is the only specification that varies from each model. For the forward-reverse model 24.3 the unladen weight is 5,335 lbs., model 27.3 weighs 5,511 lbs., model 30.3 is 5,940 lbs., and model 35.3 weighs 6,710 lbs.

The four directional models' unladen weights are; model 24.4 weighs 2.650 lbs., model 27.4 weighs 6,006 lbs., model 30.4 weighs 6,501 lbs. and model 35.4 has an unladen weight of 7227 lbs.