Masculine Party Decorating

Typical party decorations include candles, floral arrangements and carefully coordinated color schemes, all of which might not appeal as much to men as they do to women. If you are decorating for a man’s birthday party or an event that will have a lot of male guests, choose decorations that are masculine. The men will appreciate an environment in which they can relax and be themselves at the party.

Basic Decorations

Select two masculine colors to use in decorating the party. Good choices include two shades of blue, two shades of green, or black with any other masculine color, such as white, gold, silver, red, green or blue.

Inflate balloons in the two chosen colors, tie a piece of ribbon to each balloon and create bouquets of three to five balloons to scatter throughout the party area.

Decorate the tables with a tablecloth or table runner in one of the colors and plates, cups and napkins in the other color.

Make a centerpiece out of a bowl filled with decorative stones in the party colors.

Hang paper lanterns with covers in at least one of your party colors around the room. These make a good substitute decorative lighting for candles, which might seem too feminine.

Themed Decorations

Choose a theme that fits the man’s interests. Options include golf, surfing, a particular sports team, cars or a hobby.

Hang posters that feature the theme. If you cannot find any, make your own by taking a photo to a print shop and printing it on a large piece of paper.

Place items that relate to the theme around the party area. For example, a golf-themed party could have a set of golf clubs at the entrance to the room and bowls or vases full of golf balls as centerpieces.

Play a movie or recorded televised event in the background, if you can think of one that relates to the theme. For example, if the party is themed after a favorite football team, you could play one of their recent winning games or put together a movie of highlights from last season.