How to Make a Funeral Memory Board

DreamPictures/Blend Images/Getty Images

A funeral memory board offers an opportunity to remember and honor the passing of someone you held dear. It should highlight the person’s life and accomplishments through pictures and other memorabilia. Selecting the most meaningful pictures and using care when attaching them to avoid damage is important when you make the board.

Step 1

Gather your items. Think about what was most important to the deceased as far as hobbies and interests. Select any small memorabilia that you can attach to a memory board that showcases those interests. For example, maybe he won a medal in a high school sport or loved to fish. Place a medal or his favorite fish hook on the board.

Step 2

Ask family and friends for pictures. They might have known him best at certain stages and have the most pictures of that period. Scan computer files, old yearbooks and photo albums for other pictures.

Step 3

Make copies of the pictures if you’re able. This prevents originals from suffering any damage.

Step 4

Select the background for your memory board. Options include poster board, cardboard, cork and even magnetic boards.

Step 5

Sort through the pictures you collected. Choose photos that show the person throughout his life and with family as well as ones that show his hobbies and interests.

Step 6

Choose a recent photo of the deceased and enlarge it, if necessary. Lay the board out on a flat surface and place this photo at the center of your board as the focal point. Don’t attach anything until you have the entire board laid out.

Step 7

Group the rest of the pictures and memorabilia into categories. Put all the younger pictures together, family pictures together and hobby pictures together. Arrange these in groups around the board.

Step 8

Attach the pictures and memorabilia with a temporary adhesive, such as photo corners, repositionable adhesive spray or low-tack glue, once you’re satisfied with the layout. A temporary adhesive allows you to rearrange or remove the photos without causing damage.

Step 9

Place embellishments throughout the board. Consider borders around pictures, descriptions under pictures and ribbon or other scrapbooking effects to add color.