Parent Bulletin Board Ideas for Day Cares

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A bulletin board in a common area of the day care works well to present information to parents. Whether you keep the bulletin board the same year round or change it periodically, the parents know where to go for information. Choose a colorful background that fits different theme ideas. For a creative border option, glue crayons around the edge or use laminated photos of the day care children as the border.


The bulletin board area provides a central location for announcements for the parents. Post bulletins here that all parents need to know, which might include updating paperwork, policy changes and upcoming events. If you regularly create a calendar of events, post a copy of it on the announcements bulletin board area. This bulletin board idea works year round as long as you keep the information current. Check each week to make sure posted material is still relevant.

Volunteer Opportunities

Giving the parents a chance to volunteer at the day care creates a stronger connection with the families. A community bulletin board within the day care center offers a highly visible location for posting volunteer opportunities. Some parents may want to volunteer but don't know how they can help. The posted volunteer opportunities might include spending time in the classrooms, helping with projects after hours, supervising on field trips or donating supplies for special projects; not all parents can take time off work to volunteer their time so opportunities to donate items allows those parents to help.

Activity Ideas

Parents often look for new activities they can do with their children. A parent bulletin board at the day care is an ideal place to share your favorite kids' activities with the day care families. Write lists of activities for different age groups and post them on the bulletin board. Another option is to take photos of the day care children doing different activities to inspire the parents at home. Ask the day care teachers to share their favorite ideas to post on the bulletin board. To get the parents more involved, invite them to share the activities they do at home.

Meet the Teachers

Many parents drop their children off in a rush to get to work without getting a chance to learn more about the teachers. Other times the teachers are too busy interacting with the kids to chat. A bulletin board featuring the teachers gives the parents a chance to learn more about the people who watch their children all day. Post a picture of the staff members along with some personal information about them. You can post them all at once or rotate each month with one or two featured teachers.