Ideas on Decorating a Basketball Banquet

Laura Beth Drilling/Demand Media

Banquets honoring the team and players often mark the end of basketball season. Basketball-themed decorations help get guests in the mood the moment they set foot in the room, while also showing appreciation for all the hard work the team put in over the year. Purchase pre-made decorations featuring ball and jersey shapes, or make your own from actual basketballs or miniature basketball toys and trinkets.

Sporty Centerpieces

Laura Beth Drilling/Demand Media

Each table requires a centerpiece, with long tables often requiring two or more. Create a flower arrangement in the team colors. Carnations are readily available year-round in nearly any color necessary. Insert basketball-themed floral picks into each arrangement to further tie into the occasion. Instead of vases, cut old basketballs in half, forming a bowl. Set a block of floral foam inside to help the ball retain its shape then arrange the flowers by sticking them into the foam. If your team won a championship or any special awards, use a floral pick or a printed ribbon in the centerpiece arrangement acknowledging the achievement.

Tables and Settings

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Most banquet locations provide tablecloths in plain colors, usually white. Liven up the tablecloths on buffet and awards tables by adding a swag made from fabric or streamers in the team colors. Sprinkle basketball-themed confetti around the centerpiece or each plate to further enhance the plain tablecloths and tie it into the spirit of the event. If you use arranged seating and place cards, have the guests' names printed on small foam basketballs and set one each plate. Most guests enjoy a keepsake from the event.

Setting the Stage

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Most basketball banquets have a stage or other cleared area where speeches and awards are presented. Dress up this area for the occasion. Make or purchase a balloon arch that awardees can stand beneath, using balloons in the team colors or balloons printed to resemble basketballs. Set up an easel and display photographs of team members taken during the season or blow up a single photograph, such as the winning moment from crucial game, and display it on the easel to the side of the presentations area. Large banners congratulating the team also work well over the stage. For a festive touch, hang a series of inflatable beach-ball-style basketballs over the stage area, like ornaments dressing up the view.

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