Ideas for Theme Events

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If you want to ensure a good turn-out at your next shindig, try using a theme. People get excited about attending a theme party because they might get to dress up, step out and have some fun. Using themes at conventions and seminars pulls together a common party thread that inspires the attendees to succeed. Theme ideas can turn a ho-hum event like a birthday into the party of the year.

Stars and Moon

Use the celestial bodies as a theme for your next event. Some good event theme titles would be "Shoot for the Moon" or "Aim for the Stars." A glamour or makeup party could have the title "Be a Star." Decorate the event with hanging metallic stars and star-printed streamers. A light projector will shoot star images across the room for a pretty effect.

Dreams Theme

To encourage a group of women to believe in themselves have a "Believe in Your Dreams" themed event. Decorate with Native American dream catchers. A dreams theme could also be "Sweet Dreams are Made of These" in honor of the popular Eurythmics song. Have guests show up in pajamas for this fun party. A little girl's sleepover could be named "Dreaming of Friends." All the friends could make dream crafts and swap secrets.

Glamor Event

A glamour event like a makeup party or spa party could be "Glamour Night" or "Beauty Within." Other good glamour titles for a beauty theme would be "Makeover Divas" or "Join the Glam Squad." Hang mirrors around your party room and give guests some feather boas as they come in. "Model Magic Nights" would be a good theme to use for a night of transformational makeovers.

Baseball Themes

Use an "All-Star Team" theme to build camaraderie amongst employees at your next theme event. Decorate with baseball bats and baseballs. Give leaders whistles and hats that say "Coach." Another baseball theme would be "A Team of MVPs."

Casino Nights

A surge of interest in games like Texas Hold 'Em have made casino themes popular. "Lady Luck" parties and "Let Them Roll" themes can be good for large casino-style parties. Other titles that would be workable would be "Casino Magic Night" or "Aces High." Decorate with green felt, fuzzy dice and lots of poker chips. Giant playing cards make good wall decorations and are fun to take pictures with. Guests could poke their heads through a cut-out of the Queen of Hearts or the Ace of Spades.