Ideas for Flower Arrangements Using Golf Balls

golf ball and tees image by Photoeyes from

Flowers and golf balls don't normally seem to go together unless the ball is lost in the flower bed near the 16th hole. Golf is a hobby for many and a passion for others. Combine golf balls into the flower centerpieces of a birthday, anniversary or special occasion for someone who really loves the game.


Place the flowers in the vase. Very gently put golf balls in the vase surrounding the stems of the flowers and hide them. Another option is to put the flowers in a narrow vase that fits inside a wider vase. Put the golf balls in the wider vase.

Sink the golf balls in a bubble vase, a round vase with a narrower opening. Float round flowers in the bubble vase that mimic the shape of the golf ball. Peonies are a good choice.

Gather a bunch of flowers with sturdy stems like red roses. Cut them off so the flowers are all at the same height and the stems are the same length. Tie the stems under the flowers. Spread the stems so the bouquet is balanced and upright. Place it in a shallow vase. Put the golf balls around the stems between them and the edge of the vase.

Go for the Greens

Create a miniature green with flag, hole and golf ball. Pack a waterproof shallow container with floral foam. Cover the foam with greens that have very small leaves to mimic grass. Privet would work, as would rosemary or boxwood. Cut a hole in the foam using a glass with a diameter that is slightly larger than the golf ball. Surround the back of the hole with flowers that have small blossoms. Mini carnations, sweetheart roses and button chrysanthemums are good options. Edge the entire container with sprigs of baby's breath. Glue a triangular piece of paper with "18" written on it. Glue the triangular flag to the top of a wooden skewer. Poke the skewer next to the hole. Place the golf ball next to the hole.

Golf Club Centerpiece

Use an old golf club. A wood works well. Make a large corsage for the club. Hot-glue three golf balls onto the corsage being careful not to get the glue on the flowers themselves. Attach the balls to the club shaft, ribbon or wires of the corsage.

Another alternative is to make small flower wreaths that fit around votive candle holders. Use holders that are just large enough to hold a golf ball. Put the ball in the holder.