Ideas for an Eagle-Themed Birthday Party

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Photos, feathers and stuffed animals all feature prominently in an eagle-themed party. Build your guests' enthusiasm for the United States' national bird by picturing an eagle prominently on the front of the party invitation, or use a photo of the largest congregation of bald eagles in the world in the Chilkat Valley in Alaska, where up to 3,500 of the birds gather each November to feast on salmon.

Outdoor Decor

If you are ambitious, create a 5-feet-wide and 3-feet-deep eagle nest out of tree branches to set on your front porch. Fill it with a stuffed-animal baby eagle and a few large chicken eggs, which are about the same 2- to 3-inch size as eagle eggs. For decorations in a smaller space, turn your front door into an eagle mural with pictures of soaring eagles set against a blue-sky background.

Indoor Decorations

Either the eagle's natural setting or a patriotic motif work for an eagle-themed birthday celebration. In either case, hang paper or plastic eagles from ceiling light fixtures and perch stuffed-animal eagles on tables and cabinets. For a woodsy, natural setting, create an eagle habitat in your party room with tall conifer trees made from cardboard and hung on the walls. For a patriotic party, pose eagles in front of the American flag and place Uncle Sam hats on stuffed-animal eagles.

The Birthday Cake

On a table set with either greens and browns for a natural setting or red, white and blue for a patriotic theme, the birthday cake takes center stage. Make a flat sheet cake for either an eagle drawing or an eagle-shaped cake. For an eagle drawn with tubes of frosting, ice the cake in blue for a sky background before drawing the eagle. If you've trimmed the cake into an eagle shape, set it on a bed of shredded coconut dyed sky blue.

Fun and Games

Both children and adults may enjoy comparing their arms' reach with an eagle's wing span of 7 feet 3 inches. Cut out an eagle shape from butcher paper and let everyone measure up. For charades, provide easy bird-related activities for children to act out, such as eating a worm or flying, and let adults choose bird-related movies, poems or phrases. Make a "pin the feathers on the eagle" board for a children's party and develop an eagle trivia game for adults with true-or-false facts about the bald eagle's range, diet and habitat.