Ideas for a Gilligan's Island Kids' Party Images

Before "Lost" and "Survivor," there was "Gilligan's Island." Through 99 episodes, seven castaways seek rescue from a deserted island. The wholesome comedy is an excellent theme for a children's party, and the older children and adults can join in with a "Gilligan's Island" marathon during the party.

"Three-Hour Cruise"

Prepare the invitations four to six weeks in advance. Invite the children to a luxurious "three-hour cruise" aboard the U.S.S. Minnow, the length of the original, fateful cruise that ended in disaster. Provide your home address as the port of departure.

Arriving in Port

You will need: white sailor caps (Gilligan), black captain's hats (Skipper), black framed glasses (the Professor), shades and earrings (Ginger), pig tails (Mary Ann), fancy hats and ties (Mr. Howell) and necklaces and parasols (Mrs. Howell). Place a small table in front of the door leading to the party. Present each child with clothing items representing a castaway.

Club Minnow

Decorate your dance area with palm tree stickers, flowers, straw chairs and pictures of cast members. Beside playing the show's theme song, play Caribbean/Reggae music selections. Provide your guests with lei necklaces.

Message in a Bottle

This craft is best for children ages seven to eight. You will need: glass jars, scissors, sand, sea shells, construction paper, glue, pencils, markers and crayons. Place the materials on a table. Starting with placing a layer of sand on the bottom of the jar, each child creates a scene depicting an island. Finally the child draws a picture of himself and writes a brief rescue message. Add the message and picture to the child's jar. Close and collect all jars. Return the jars to the castaways after they have been rescued.

Find the Rescue Helicopter

Purchase a bag of plastic toys that include helicopters. Leave one helicopter in the bag. On the day of your party, hide the plastic toys in your designated party area. Gather the castaways together and announce that a rescue helicopter is flying somewhere on the island. The first person to find it receives a prize.