Ice-Themed Party Favors to Make Yourself

Stephanie Loaiza/Demand Media

Are you planning an ice-themed party? "Fire and Ice" parties are popular, but they're not the only chilly party theme. Other favorites include winter, Christmas, ice skating and ice hockey. Each of these themes presents special decorating challenges, especially the party favors. Fortunately, whether you're handy with crafts or not, there are plenty of ideas available for homemade ice-themed party favors which should please your guests.

Inexpensive and/or Easy Homemade Favors

Stephanie Loaiza/Demand Media

With supplies from a crafts store, create ice-themed candles by tinting candle gel a light blue and adding silver sprinkles or snowflake confetti. For even easier creations, place white votive candles in Mason jars without the lids and tie white ribbons around the tops, or simply place the candles in shot glasses.

Make your own ornaments. Buy plain clear glass or plastic ornaments and decorate by popping off the top, pouring a small amount of white paint into the ornament and swirling around to create a design. You can also hand paint the exterior with snowflakes or add random white streaks and swirls.

Take organza cloth or white/clear cellophane and fill with white candies, then tie up with a white ribbon.

Bake sugar cookies and frost with white and silver icing in a design of your choosing, or simply sprinkle the iced cookies with white and silver sprinkles or jimmies.

Bake white cupcakes, frost in white or silver, then stick a snowflake or other winter-themed cocktail pick in the center. Wrap in clear cellophane then tie with a white or silver ribbon.

Gather several snowflake or star-shaped guest soaps and wrap in organza bags, and finish with tied ribbon.

More Expensive and/or Difficult Homemade Favors

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Take silver-wrapped chocolate bars and remove the outer brand wrappers, leaving the silver intact. Select wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, magazine pictures or any other paper which contains ice-themed designs. Cut the paper the same size as the candy bar's brand wrapper, then glue or tape it shut on the bottom.

If you can sew or knit, crochet snowflakes and make into ornaments, coasters or bookmarks. You could also sew miniature mittens and fill with white and silver candy.

Create your own snow globes using small jars such as baby food jars with labels removed. Fill the jars almost to the top with water and then add a few drops of glycerin (which you can usually find at drug stores), 1/2 teaspoon of glitter, metallic confetti or sequins bought from a crafts store. Seal the lid with silicone.