How to Wear Suspenders with a Tuxedo

The tuxedo is a stylish suit worn by men. Its look has not changed much over the years but still manages to look classy. A tuxedo is used for weddings, parties or even just for a romantic evening. Some gentlemen choose to use suspenders or braces for more support or even a more fashionable add-on. There are a few different kinds of suspenders for the tuxedo, each with its own charm and contribution.

Pick out your suspenders. The number one thing to keep in mind when choosing suspenders is comfort. Make sure they fit reasonably well. Suspenders are adjustable, but it would be a better idea to make sure you buy the right size and length for your body.

Examine the suspenders to verify what kind they are. They may either be fastened to the belt with a waistband clip, or they may have holes in the ends. If there are holes in the ends, these are to be fastened onto the pants. The pants come pre-equipped with buttons just for this purpose.

Fasten the suspenders either by clip or button. Adjust them to the correct length, so the pants are high on the waist but are comfortable and do not rest too high or low. The pants should not be worn any lower than 2 inches below the belly button or any higher than the belly button.

Check that the suspenders are not too tight on the shoulders. If they are, loosen them to the correct length.

Examine underneath the suspenders to make sure that the area under them is not wrinkled. After doing this, put on the tuxedo jacket, as the suspenders should be worn underneath the jacket and not showing. Do not wear a belt with suspenders, as suspenders are a classy belt replacement.