How to Wear Skinny Jeans for Men

The best thing about skinny jeans on men is that all of the baby boomers who got laughed at for their embroidered bell bottom jeans can do the pointing and snickering now. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Men can wear skinny jeans. The first thing you have to know is that there are rules--the main one being that you should wear only male skinny jeans. Nobody wants to see you in your girlfriend’s pants.

Have the right body type. You don’t have to be a super skinny or androgynous man to wear skinny jeans. You just have to be proportioned well. That’s a delicate way of saying you can’t be built like a pregnant lady. As long as you are reasonably shaped in mostly straight lines, you can rock the look.

Have the right personality. You don’t have to be an actual rock star, but if you are a happy accountant who loves his preppie wardrobe, the minute you put on skinny jeans you might look like an unhappy undercover FBI agent. Unless you will be comfortable wearing them, don’t do it.

Choose a brand with spandex. This will be a little tricky. The major brands who have incorporated spandex into their skinny jeans lines do not advertise the fact, because they think men will see that as effeminate--not the fact that they are basically women’s jeans in larger sizes, but that they have spandex.

Make sure they fit properly. Skinny jeans should not look like denim pantyhose. They should sit just below your waist and have enough room in the legs, butt and crotch so that you can sit down to a manly burger or turkey tofu wrap without having to remove them. The legs should be close fitting, but not like sausage casings, and they should taper in a little at the ankles.

Accessorize properly. If you are manly enough to wear skinny spandex pants, you can rock accessories. A fitted, slim shirt is good as long as it is not too tight or an obnoxious color or pattern. Slim, flat shoes or sneakers work well. Don't choose something too clunky or you will look like you have Mickey Mouse feet, and there is nothing Mickey Mouse about a man who can wear skinny jeans and accessorize with style.