How to Wear a Cheerleading Uniform

by Amy Lukavics ; Updated September 28, 2017

Cheerleading is a team sport that showcases talent, athletic skill and the ability to work well with others. Sports teams are often affected by the the vibe of the crowd, and cheerleaders keep the crowd pumped with positive energy that translates directly into the game itself. A team of cheerleaders should all wear their uniforms properly to show their team spirit and give their appearance the boost it needs to lead a huge crowd.

Items you will need

  • Hanger
  • Lint roller
  • Under armor
Step 1

Keep the main part of the uniform (the bodysuit and/or top and skirt) hung up when not in use. Uniforms that include velvet should be touched up with a lint roller before each use.

Step 2

Wear spandex short shorts underneath the skirt that are the same color and shade as the skirt. Check in the mirror to make sure that the spandex shorts are not bunching up or poking out the top or sides.

Step 3

Use ankle socks that are short enough to appear hidden beneath the shoe.

Step 4

Put on a layer of black or white Under Armor beneath your uniform if the weather is cold. The under armor is sleek in appearance and will insulate your body to keep you warm without taking away any mobility.

Step 5

Wear the same hair accessories as the other cheerleaders on your team. Matching ribbons, ribbon clips, or scrunchies are often used within cheerleading teams.

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