How to Use Liquid Bronzer

Lilly Wallace

Compared to a powder bronzer, a liquid bronzer can give a more natural-looking, dewy finish. For that reason, it is an especially good option for more dry and mature skin types. Here are some tips for proper application, which will vary depending on the look that you are going for.

How to Achieve a Sculpted, Feature-Enhancing Glow

Prepare your skin

Apply your favorite moisturizer and foundation as per your every day routine. Proceed with using concealer where needed, such as dark circles and spots; however, do not set your foundation and concealer with powder yet. If you apply powder before using a liquid (or cream) bronzer, the product may not blend properly and may result in a "patchy" appearance.

In order to achieve a sculpted bronzed look you may want to choose a liquid bronzer that is only about one to two shades darker than your skin tone.

Lilly Wallace

Add Little by Little

Don't apply the product directly on your skin to prevent applying too much, which becomes difficult to blend. You can apply liquid bronzer with fingers or with a brush, depending on what you are more comfortable with. A brush is more convenient because it prevents your hands from getting dirty. Make sure to shake your bottle of liquid bronzer before dispensing the product.

When using a brush, make sure to start with a tiny amount and add more product as needed. Pour a drop or two of product on the back of your hand and tap the tip of the brush in it, then tap the brush on your hand so that the product is evenly distributed on the brush hair. If you apply too much product, it can be more difficult to sheer out, while if you apply little by little you can add more if needed.

To apply liquid bronzer with a brush, choose a blush brush with synthetic hair, such as dual fiber brushes, or a foundation brush, preferably not a flat one.

Lilly Wallace

Where to Apply It

Start on your cheek where the center of your ear is, and then move inward, following the natural line of the hollows of your cheeks under your cheekbones. Apply the product in light, feathery strokes. You want to blend the liquid bronzer on your cheeks for a healthy flush.

Then move upward toward the temples applying the product to the edges of your face, along the hairline. Apply a little extra product on your temples, but still keep it light. Cover all the areas of your face that naturally would get tanned if you spent time in the sun.


Blend until the edges of the areas where you applied the product are no longer obvious. Preferably do this with a clean, round brush, such as a powder brush.

Lilly Wallace

How to Achieve an Even Sunkissed Glow

Mix Foundation and Liquid Bronzer

To achieve a more even sun-kissed glow all over your face (in a similar way to what you would achieve with a self-tanner, but for a temporary result), you may add a drop or two (depending on how pigmented it is) of your liquid bronzer to your foundation. Add one drop first and only add more if you want additional color. You may also do the same with your body lotion to add a hint of a tan look to your skin, being extra careful not to stain your clothes.