How to Use a Deployment Clasp

SakisPagonas/iStock/Getty Images

From belt-like buckle clasps to slip-on style expansion bracelets, you've got more than a few options for strapping your timepiece to your wrist. Among the variety, the deployment clasp offers an elegant, unobtrusive solution. The clasp itself actually resides under the two joining ends, and when you pull the ends apart, the mechanism opens. Deployment clasps vary just a bit depending on the watchmaker, but they typically operate on the same basic principles.

Pull the two ends of the clasp mechanism apart to open the watch before putting it on your wrist. On some clasps, you may need to depress side-mounted buttons first. When you pull the ends apart, the middle part of the clasp unfolds to bridge the gap. This adds length to the watchband, which now hangs as a vertical strip from the watch face.

Flip open the buckle on the end of the unfolded mechanism. Thread the watchband through the buckle, just as you would a belt buckle. Put the pin through the watchband hole that best suits your wrist size, just like cinching a belt to your waist. Press the buckle down to snap it back into place. Now, the watchband forms a loop, with plenty of space to stick your wrist through.

Slide your wrist through the loop. Press the end of the deployment clasp without the buckle downward toward your wrist until it snaps in place. Then, press the end of the clasp with the buckle downward toward your wrist until it also locks into place.

To unfasten the clasp, pull the buckle upwards by the end of the watchband until it pops free. Pull the other end of the clasp away from your wrist to unfold the mechanism, expanding it once again and giving you enough room to slide your wrist out.