How to Trim My Daughter's Hair

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With the rising costs of everything from groceries to gas, it is wise to figure out what expenses you can cut by doing the work yourself. While cutting your own hair or attempting to cut a trendy style on someone else is not a good idea, there are simple cuts that can be done at home. Trimming your daughter's hair, for example, is accomplished with a few styling tools and a steady hand.

Sit your daughter in a chair and ask her to sit up straight. Drape a towel over her shoulders and fasten at the center with a clip.

Comb the hair starting at the ends and gently moving your way up toward the crown of the head. Detangle all knots. Hold the back of her hair in your palm and spray the hair using a spray bottle. This is so that the wet spray is not uncomfortable on your daughter's neck and back.

Tilt your daughter's head slightly downward. Comb the hair from the forehead all the way to the ends. Take a 2-inch piece of hair in your hands. Place your middle finger horizontally under the piece of hair and your index finger on top. Slide your fingers down to the length you want. Pick up your scissors in the other hand and cut a straight line using your fingers as a guide.

Move to the right of the first cut and pick up another 2-inch strand. Repeat the cutting process after sliding your fingers to match the previous cut. Afterward, do the same on the left side. This clean, straight line is your guide to the rest of the haircut.

Determine if you want the hair on the sides above, at, or a little longer than the ear. Blend the hair into the previous cuts by sliding your fingers between the hair and cutting a horizontal line. Check to see if everything looks even. If not, repeat the process and trim a little more to meet the previous cut.