How to Thread Wrap Hair

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Wrapping little sections of hair with colorful thread adds interest to any hairstyle. Threading hair is relatively easy to do -- whether you use a single color or multiple hues -- however, it does take patience. You can avoid a hair-raising experience by having everything ready at your fingertips before you begin.

Cut a slit in a small piece of cardboard. Pick up a half-inch section of your hair from the area where you want the thread wrap. Slip the cardboard under the section and pull the piece of hair through the slit.

Take your piece of hair and the thread, and measure it so that the thread is about 2 inches longer than the hair. Then double this length. Cut the other thread colors to the same length.

Braid the hair loosely from the root to the ends. Secure the ends with a clear elastic hair tie.

Hold the threads together and spritz the ends on one side with water. This strengthens the thread so it can better push through the hair.

Push the thread ends through the braid at the top near the roots. Pull the threads through and pull down on the other side until the thread length is even on both sides.

Pick up both strings of a single color and wrap them around the braid and the other threads. Do this multiple times until you reach the desired length. If you pick three colors, for example, you may want to wrap the first one one-third of the way down.

Decide when you want to change colors. Wrap the working thread around one more time, make a loop and slip the thread through from top to bottom while pulling it taut.

Pick up the next two matching strings. Wrap these two string directly over the first two to secure what you've just wrapped, and then continue winding the second two strings down the braid and around the other threads hanging down.

Make a knot again when you're finished with each color, and start the next one. Continue this until you've wrapped all the threads around the braid.

Tie a strong knot on your last color near the bottom of your braid. Double-knot it, and cut off the excess thread.