How to Say Thank You Using Candy Images

A simple thank-you gift is always appreciated. Make the effort to give a small gift after someone has done you a favor or bring a thank-you gift for your host or hostess. While a bottle of wine, baked goods or flowers are excellent choices, you can also say thank you using candy. Whether you opt for classic chocolates, handmade candies, or a candy bouquet, say thank you to friends, family, coworkers or clients with candy.

How to Say Thank You Using Candy

Choose the right candy. Opt for good-quality chocolates or a favorite locally produced candy. Make your own candy, like peppermint bark, peanut brittle, or chocolate truffles for a more personal thank-you gift. Consider giving an assortment of candies to appeal to a varied palate.

Select an array of decorative printed papers and tissue paper. Use seasonal papers for a holiday thank-you gift, or delicate metallic-toned paper for year-round use.

Remove the outer wrappers from your candy, but leave plastic, foil or cellophane wrappers in place. Nestle handmade candies into small foil muffin cups or wrap neatly with foil or plastic wrap to keep them fresh and intact.

Create attractive decorative wrappers for your candy thank-you. Candy bars may be re-wrapped with a simple band of decorative paper, or you can use rubber stamps or craft supplies to personalize your wrapper. Smaller candies can be wrapped in tissue paper and tied with ribbon on either end.

Fill cellophane bags, small tins, baskets or even a pretty bowl with your candy gift. Add a ribbon bow to complete the gift.