How to Remove Links From Metal Watch Band

Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images

Metal watch bands are made up of links that attach together with narrow pins. Because everyone has different wrist sizes, metal watch band manufacturers have made it easy for you to remove these pins and links if you need to decrease the size of the band or add links if you need to increase the size of the band. The process for removing these links is very easy if you have the proper tools.

Unclasp the watch and hold it with your non-dominant hand.

Turn the watch over so that you're looking at the thin side of the link you want to remove. You'll see a small hole with a metal pin in it.

Tap the top of the pin with a 1-inch pin until it starts to move. Tap the pin with a mallet until you can see about half of it come out the other side of the link.

Pinch the end of the pin with the needle-nose pliers and pull it out. Place the pin in a safe spot where you won't lose it.

Remove the other pin that is keeping the link attached to the link beside it using the same process in steps 2 through 4.

Push the two links that are not attached together and line up their pin holes. Insert one of the pins you set aside and tap it into place with your mallet.