How to Remove Chain Links in a Watch Band

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

Most of us have bought a watch or received one as a gift at some time in our lives. If your watch had a link band on it, likely it was too big to fit correctly or fit the perfect way our own personal style reflects. Here are a few quick and simple steps to remove chain links in a watch band.

Try the watch on first to see how loose the watch band feels.

Now pinch the band together with your opposite hands fingers until it fits snug or feels comfortable. Count how many links are pinched between your fingers, this will give you and idea of how many links to remove.

Most watches will have tiny holes in the links towards where the watch clasp is located. These are the links that can safely be removed from the watch without damaging it.

Using the small hole punch place the tip of the hole punch into the hole of the link that you want to remove and press the link bar out through the opposite side.

Next, using the pliers pull and completely remove the link bar from the link itself. This will detach the link from the band but it will remain linked to the clasp. You will need to repeat Step 3 and 4 to remove the link from the clasp as well.

Now using only one of the link bars that were removed, join the clasp and the link band together and insert the link bar. Completely press the link bar into the hole so that no one side has any of the bar sticking out.


  • It's always a good idea to remove the same number of links from both sides of the clasp so that the watch is centered on your wrist. Make sure that the link remaining on the band lines up with the clasp. Leaving one additional link in the band is a good idea to account for wrist swelling and therefore not making the band so tight. Keeping the remaining links is a good idea in the event you need to add some at later.

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