How to Plan an Outdoor Baby Shower

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You'll have a wide range of options when you plan an outdoor baby shower, from casual and relaxed to dressy and elegant. If you host a picnic at a park, allow time for guests to play softball or take a dip in the swimming pool. At a more sedate garden party, set up a croquet course and serve tea in china cups. Choose a location and theme that match the interests and personalities of the parents-to-be, and your shower will be a hit.

Choose a location. Your back yard might be the ideal spot for an outdoor baby shower, and it certainly will be convenient. Rent a pavilion at the nearest state park for a picnic-themed shower, or check local historic venues that rent outdoor spaces for parties.

Decide on a theme. Outdoor showers suggest themes like flowers, cute bugs, birds, small furry animals or seasonal sports. If you're looking for an elegant theme, make your baby shower a garden party.

Purchase invitations and decorations to match your theme. Mail your invitations several weeks in advance.

Plan a menu. Every dish doesn't have to relate to your theme, but one or two dishes should suggest it. Make a tray of flower-shaped vegetables and bake flower-shaped sugar cookies for a flower theme, or prepare finger sandwiches and a carved watermelon basket filled with melon balls for a garden party.

Arrange tables and seating. Rent tables and chairs, if necessary. Wicker or wrought-iron will add an elegant touch to a garden party. Cover plain banquet tables with pretty cloths that complement your theme and tie bows to the backs of folding chairs. If you're having a picnic, use red-and-white checked cloths on the picnic tables.

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