How to Master Hair Cutting Techniques

How to Master Hair Cutting Techniques. Practice makes perfect if you want to master the latest hair styles. To master such hair cuts as the bob, shag or blunt cut, simply employ a few basic techniques and a bit of patience to get the stylish hair cut of your favorite model or movie star.

Master the seven section parting technique. This prepares hair for cutting and styling, and allows you to maintain a systematic approach and keep ends even. The sections include the top, right crown, right side, left and right napes, left side and left crown. Secure each section with a hair clip to hold it in place.

Perform a blunt cut. Separate the hair into seven sections, then comb each part on front of your face and snip to the desired length. Set cutting guides for the back and front of the hair, then follow all the way around for each section. Make sure the scissors' blade remains flat as you cut.

Layer hair. To give your hair a fuller look with this method, use a sharp scissors and a fine tooth comb. The hair should be wet and clean, though it's possible to layer dry hair. Comb out snarls and cut hair in a room where the clippings can land on the floor. Stand up, bend over and cut hair straight across.

Trim bangs when dry. To cut them, section off the hair you want to avoid trimming, and then pin it up and leave the bangs loose and divide the bangs with a fine tooth comb. Cut the hair at a 45-degree angle slowly, one section at a time.

Master techniques like the A-line cut on medium to dense hair. With this bob cut, the hair's angled longer in the front than the back. Using the seven sections method, cut each section of hair in the desired length and shape with a razor for a textured finish.