How to Make Your Face Look Fresh

Makeup tricks can lighten your face for a clean, fresh look. Always start by following a cleaning and moisturizing skin-care regimen, using home remedies to cool and refresh your skin. You can also switch up your everyday makeup to add some style freshness to your face.

Pre-Makeup Prep

Before applying a stitch of makeup, prepare your face to look its freshest. Storing your makeup in the fridge makes it feel deliciously cool, and some of that frigid air will transfer to your face during application.

  • If your eyes are puffy, apply cucumber slices. Cucumber cools skin and reduces puffiness. Relaxing while you wait for those little slices to work is an effective de-stressor too. 
  • Choose an illuminating moisturizer. Many moisturizers on the market come packed with light reflective particles that create an instant glow on your skin. Store your moisturizer in the refrigerator along with your makeup. This also helps brighten your face.
  • Steam your face. Put a pot of water on the stove and wait till it is hot, not boiling. Before you steam your face, tie your hair back, or put a shower cap on because your hair will frizz. Move the pot or large bowl to a table. Drape a towel over your head, and let the steam hit your face.  The heat opens up your pores. Do this for about 10 minutes and apply your moisturizer
  • Exfoliate your skin with a gentle product that contains very tiny grains and/or use a weekly microdermabrasion treatment once a week.

Fresh Makeup Tips

You may not have oodles of time to prep your face before going out, so let your makeup application do the work for you.

Switch It Up

One of the easiest things you can do is switch up your look. If you always wear heavy eye makeup, focus on a bold pout instead. Likewise, if your neighbors think you're Gwen Stefani's little sister, pack away the red lips, and opt instead for bold eyes. Making little changes like these keeps people guessing, and that's always fresh.

Wear White Eyeliner

Use a white stick on your eyes. White eyeliner opens up the eyes to give you a fresh and alert look. You apply the white liner in several ways:

  • Rim the waterline of your eyes with white liner. The waterline is the area under your eye above your lashes.
  • Place white eyeliner on the inner corner of your eyes, near your tear ducts.
  • Wear the white eyeliner along your lash line.

For best results, use two out of the three methods, not all three at once because you don't want to risk going overboard with the application.

Curl Your Lashes

Opening up your eyes instantly lights up your face. Using an eyelash curler, curl you lashes and then apply one to two coats of clear mascara. This way you get a wide-eyed effect without the shadow of mascara.

Highlighting Sticks

A highlighter stick also adds light to your face. They're versatile, and easy to use -- highlight the tops of your cheeks, the bow of your top lip and the sides of your forehead by your brows. Essentially, you can apply the stick to any shadowed areas, or any area you want to draw light to. The highlights help give you a glowing finish.


Bronzers help you fake a sun-kissed glow, but use them sparingly. With a large bronzer brush, dust your forehead and the tops of your cheeks, nose and chin. Use a light hand, or you risk looking overdone.


Finish up your look by applying a lighter color to the center of your lower lip. It can be a lipstick that's lighter than your base color, or it can be clear or colored gloss. Your lips will attract more light and look full and moist.

Natural Remedies

Homemade masks are another tool in your arsenal to get the fresh-faced look. Two you can try are:

Yogurt and Lemon Mask

Whipping up this concoction is very easy and takes very little effort. Simply combine plain yogurt and lemon in a bowl. Coat your face and wait about 10 minutes. The yogurt cools and hydrates your skin, while the lemon acts as an astringent, cleaning your pores.

Egg and Lemon Mask

For this mask, combine the juice of one lemon and one egg in a bowl. Mix thoroughly and apply. You'll want to wait about 10 minutes for this mask as well. Once it sets, rinse your face thoroughly.

The egg's protein fortifies your skin, while the egg white firms it. The lemon acts as an astringent. The result is a fresh face that's ready for your moisturizer and makeup.