How to Make Your Dimples on Your Cheeks Deeper


0:04 hi I'm Mari Murphy with Escada hair and

0:08 beauty spa and I'm here today to show

0:11 you how to make dimples appear deeper

0:14 typically what you want to do when you

0:16 want to enhance a feature is you want to

0:19 highlight it but today we're going to do

0:21 the exact opposite we're going to shade

0:23 the dimples so what you need to start is

0:26 a little bit of bronzer and I do have a

0:29 little bit of highlighter just a

0:31 highlight around it so what you want to

0:34 do is you want to find out where your

0:36 dimples are and here's one right here

0:38 and we're going to just lightly lightly

0:43 lightly put a little bit of bronzer in

0:46 there now what we want to do is

0:51 highlight around it with a little bit of

0:54 highlighter and you can either go even

0:57 go right over it as well so by doing

1:05 this it makes your dimples appear deeper

1:07 again my name is Maureen Murphy with

1:10 Escada hair and beauty spa come on down

1:13 to see us in Norwood Massachusetts

1:18 you