Hair Color Spray Tips

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Colored hair spray provides a temporary wash-out color that is easily applied. Adding a pop of color, covering grays, coloring hair for Halloween and disguising thinning or bald spots are the most common uses for colored hair spray. The colored spray is simply sprayed onto the hair, but there are some tips to make the color look its best.

Dark Hair

If you have dark hair and are trying to achieve a lighter or a brighter color, it is best to use a white colored hair spray first. The white colored hair spray provides a lighter base, so that the color you are trying to achieve can be as true as possible. Allow the white coat of hair spray to dry before applying the second color.

Clean Hair

Before applying colored hair spray, hair should be washed and completely dried. This will give a clean base for the colored spray to stick to. It is necessary that the hair is dry. If the hair is not completely dry, the color will not come out even and will make hair very stiff.


For the most even application, spray the colored hair spray 4 to 12 inches away from the head, following the directions for your particular product. For an all-over color on longer hair, pin up the hair and start with an underneath layer. Allow that layer to dry and then release another section and spray. Repeat this process until the top layer of hair is reached.