How to Dress Feminine, Girly and Womanly

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Although it may be more comfortable for some people to wear jeans, T-shirts and tennis shoes on a daily basis, these clothing items are not commonly considered feminine, girly or womanly and can negatively impact how feminine or womanly you appear to others. Dressing more femininely requires special attention on body shape, clothing color and accessories. You can dress girly with a few adjustments to your wardrobe.

Wear clothes that accentuate your figure and enhance specific bodily traits to look more feminine. For circular bodies, wear shirts that are loose around the stomach and more fitted around the hips and chest. If you have a triangular body, avoid clothes that are shapeless, skinny jeans and curve-hugging fabrics. Hourglass figures should wear clothes that move with the curvature of the waist, avoiding boxy and over-sized clothes. Rectangle figures should wear styles that flare at the bottom to create curves. A "rectangle" figure is generally one with little definition at the waist and a look that is "straight-up-and-down."

Add more vibrant colors to your wardrobe. Although it is acceptable to wear dark clothing, adding red, pink, blue and purple clothing items to your wardrobe will help you feel and look more girly. Match these bright items with your darker items to create contrast and a unique look.

Wear more accessories. Earrings, necklaces, sunglasses, purses and bracelets add flare to your outfit and can help you feel more womanly. Pick accessories with colors that match your outfits. For example, try matching your earrings with the color of your shirt or dress. However, don't wear too many accessories at a time because this can make your outfit look tacky or overbearing. Large accessories generally draw too much attention away from your outfit, so limit the number of bracelets, necklaces and earrings you wear to one or two at a time.

Wearing makeup that is subtle can enhance your femininity while making you feel more girly. Wear a foundation that matches your skin tone and apply mascara and eyeliner to accentuate the form of your eyes. Avoid applying a large amount of eyeshadow or eyeliner to your eyes because this can make your makeup job look tacky or eve unattractive. Don't wear blush that is too bright or red because it will draw negative attention away from your other features. Instead, apply a light amount of blush that blends in with your regular skin tone while accentuating your cheekbones and lower temple. Use a larger, puffy brush to avoid thick streaks of blush.