How to Make White Chocolate Pretzel Baby Shower Favors Images

Edible favors are a delicious way to memorialize the celebration of an impending birth. Using a festive container, baby shower guests can enjoy a tasty treat as well as a lasting memento of the party. Knowing the gender of the baby isn’t necessary, but the pretzels and holder can be customized if you do. Consider dying the chocolate the colors of the baby’s nursery if known. Additional pretzels can be made and served as a snack at the shower.


Choose pretzel rods, sticks or twist pretzels based on the best type for your favor presentation.

Combine white chocolate chips with shortening in a mixing bowl. Divide equally into two bowls if you want two different color pretzels. Add food coloring, if desired.

Heat your mixture(s) for 1 to 2 minutes at 50 percent microwave power.

Stir, then heat for another minute or until completely melted.

Dip the pretzels in the heated chocolate and place on wax paper. Let dry or chill in the refrigerator.


Fill decorative baby bottles with miniature twist pretzels. Select blue bottles for a boy, pink for a girl, or clear if the gender is unknown.

Use a paint pen to write the date of the baby shower on the bottle. Also inscribe a saying such as, “We’ll twist and shout when Baby Smith comes out!”

Finish with a baby-themed ribbon tied around the tip of the bottle.

Clay Pots

Paint small or medium terra cotta pots – small for pretzel sticks and medium for pretzel rods – in an appropriate pastel color.

Write “Watching the Smith family grow” with a paint pen around the lip of the clay pot. Add the date of the shower below.

Line the inside of the pot with aluminum foil or plastic wrap.

Fill the pot with pretzel sticks or rods dipped in green-dyed chocolate to resemble blades of glass.

Goodie Bags

Fill a paper or plastic baby-themed goodie bag with your white chocolate-covered pretzels.

Create a small card with a hole punched in the upper left corner. Write a small poem such as, “As you munch, enjoy the crunch. Baby Smith is just as sweet, I have a hunch.” Add the date of the baby shower.

String the card through a ribbon that matches your goodie bag. Tie at the top of the bag to close.