How to Make Unique Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Matthew Ashman (1) | Jonathan Fong (2, 3)

After you've decked the halls inside your home, why not create a winter wonderland outside? Try dressing up your entryway or front yard with these ornamental DIY decorations that will pair well with any cherished decoration you pull out each year. Handmade adornments from wood, wreaths and lots of twinkly lights are sure to bring the holiday cheer.

Wood Pallet Christmas Tree

If you have an old pallet lying around, put it to use this Christmas season. A charming wooden Christmas tree can even be embellished with the lights and ornaments that didn't make it on your tree inside.

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Willow Twig Balls

Give all guests who visit your backyard or entryway a whimsical, wintery welcome by hanging a set of decorative balls made from willow twigs.

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PVC Pipe Wreath

For a decor piece that will last all winter long, try your hand at making a modern wreath made from sturdy PVC pipe. Add your favorite ornaments or holiday trinkets inside the circles for a personal touch.

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Easy-to-Make Natural Wreath

If PVC isn't your thing and you prefer a more natural look, why not try something different by creating a wreath made from chili peppers, lavender or even succulents?

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Handmade Paper Bag Luminaries

Your nights will be merry and bright with this safe and easy DIY project. If you're hosting the Christmas celebration, light the path leading up to your house with handmade paper bag luminaries and LED battery-powered tea lights to welcome your loved ones.

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Tomato Cage Light Tree

As rustic as it is festive, a tomato cage light tree can be the perfect addition to your front porch. Click the link to learn how to create one with ivy, string lights and burlap wire ribbon for your home.

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Birdseed Christmas Ornaments

Imagine waking up to the sight of happy birds nibbling at your homemade birdseed Christmas ornaments hanging on a tree outside. Learn how to make these easy birdseed ornaments using your holiday cookie cutters.

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Wood Cut Out of the Grinch

Nothing says Christmas quite like Dr. Seuss' beloved Mr. Grinch. Use your woodworking skills to create an illustrated lawn ornament of everyone's favorite scoundrel turned sweetheart.

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Lighted PVC Candy Cane

A row of lighted candy canes will add a merry touch to your holiday decor. If your Christmas decorating philosophy is the more lights the better, this project is for you!

Matthew Ashman