How to Make Tulle Garland

Tulle garland can give an archway, entrance or table a magical, airy feel. Tulle is the perfect fabric to achieve a nice look at weddings, showers and just about any occasion. You’ll need some room to work and maybe an extra pair of hands to make this festive garland. It’s an easy project that can be done from start to finish in just a couple of hours. Store your tulle properly, keeping it safe from dust and stains, and you can use it over and over again and special events.

Determine how much tulle you will need. Measure the area where the garland will go. Multiply that amount by 1.5 to determine how much fabric to get.

Spread the tulle out on a clean floor. Lay the string or strings of lights down the center of the tulle.

On a work table, glue the vines together with a hot glue gun. After the glue cools, lay the vines end to end in the center of the tulle atop the lights.

Add the silk flowers throughout the tulle. Attach them with the stick-on glue dots or use your hot glue gun to attach the silk flowers to the vines before laying them in the tulle.

Cut the eighth-inch-wide silk ribbon into pieces that are 18 inches long. You’ll need several dozen depending on the size of your tulle garland.

Bring the two sides of the tulle together by gently gathering them in the center. Use the pieces of ribbon to secure and bind the tulle up with the lights and greenery about every 8 to 10 inches.

Use your hands to fluff up the silk flowers and adjust their location if you need to. Fluff up the tulle to give your garland an airy look. Use your scissors to trim any excess vine from the bottom of the garland. Hang your garland and plug in your lights.