How to Make Raffle Basket

Raffling or auctioning off gift baskets is one way for your organization to make money. The more colorful, complete and original baskets are, the better. Making a raffle basket at home to donate to the cause is fun and easy.

Create Your Basket

Choose a theme. Gift baskets with a specific topic are often easier to put together and can be more appealing to people. Gift basket themes are only limited by your imagination and can run the gamut from chocolate treats to ideas for an at-home spa day.

Decide on a container. The term “basket” is flexible here. While you may choose to be traditional and arrange your goodies in an actual basket, keep in mind there are lots of other options.

Buy your materials. Once you have decided on a theme and a container for your raffle basket, shop for the contents. Be sure that what you purchase adheres to the theme. For example, if you are creating a basket for a romantic dinner, you may want to include a bottle of champagne, but if you’re putting together a basket for tailgating, a six-pack of beer would be more appropriate.

Arrange your basket to make it eye-catching. Wrap the basket with cellophane and accessorize with ribbon. Consider using colorful towels, a small tablecloth or napkins to complement your items.