How to Make Cute Baby Shower Decorations

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Baby shower decorations should be adorable, but they can also be useful. Incorporating items the mother-to-be can take home and put to use once the baby comes is always a welcome bonus. Look for items that match the color scheme of the party or denote the gender of the baby. Consider incorporating items that may not be of use right away, but that will come in handy as the child grows, such as bath toys and stuffed animals.

Paint the clothespins. Spray paint is faster than painting with a brush, but ensure plenty of time for the odor of the paint to dissipate.

Use small nails or removable adhesive to string the clothesline across the wall behind the table where the cake will be displayed. Leave some slack in the clothesline so that it forms a nice curve.

Hang the onesies, T-shirts and bibs from the clothesline with the painted clothespins to create a festive banner.

Put the pacifiers, teething rings and rattles in small boxes. Wrap the boxes in a variety of coordinated wrapping paper and tie them to the ends of the balloons. Place the balloons in the area where gifts will be displayed.