How to Make Banquet Chair Covers

You have decided to host an event, but the chairs look too plain and you want to dress them up, but you cannot afford to rent chair covers. You can make your own no-sew chair covers in a few easy steps with only a few supplies from the craft store.

Go to the banquet hall and measure the size of a chair, beginning at the top of the chair, and working your way down to the seat and the legs of the chair. Add the measurements together, while remembering to allow about an inch for seams. Measure and account for the width of the chair as well.

Look through bolts of fabric at a local fabric store and choose what best fits the style and theme of the banquet hall and the event. Are the chair covers for a formal wedding? Then you might prefer satin or silk covers with organza bows. If they are for a holiday party, crushed red velvet might accent the room beautifully.

After choosing your fabric and ribbon, study your sheet of measurements again, and buy enough so that your chair covers will flow over the chairs easily. Select a ribbon that coordinates well with your fabric and accents the color well. Different colors of organza are often used.

Looking at your measurements again, adjust your fabric to drape over each chair equally. A square shape should suffice because the front and back of the chair should be draped over completely.

Cut a piece of ribbon and form it into a large bow, and slip it over the draping for an elegant look. Keep the bow in the back.