How to Make a T-shirt Stylish Without Cutting It

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Nothing is as good as a T-shirt when you are looking for style and comfort. Whether you are dressing for school, a night out or a casual weekend around the town, T-shirts are the most dependable and affordable item in our wardrobes. However, sometimes a T-shirt needs a little more styling for those days when we want to make an impression. This doesn't mean that you need to spend hours cutting and sewing your T-shirt. With the right accessories and a few fashion adjustments, T-shirts can be made over into carefree yet stylish statements.

Purchase a pack of cheap white T-shirts. Often they can be found in department stores. Wash and dry them according to their care instructions. This will soften and age the T-shirts so they'll retain the fabric dye better.

Choose fabric dye for your shirt. Instead going for the straight box color, consider mixing two colors together for a more subtle, unique hue. For example, try mixing magenta with orange dye to make a salmon colored shirt. Current trends follow light, airy tones for summer, such as pale blue, pink and grey. In the winter, look for dyes in hunter green, purple and red.

Once you've chosen the dye colors, follow the instructions for mixing and dying the T-shirts. Use the dye conservatively, with a "less is more" philosophy. Since you're only dying lightweight cotton, a little dye goes a long way.

Air dry the T-shirt to set in the fabric dye. Do not use a machine washer or dryer for your shirt immediately after dying it, because it can transfer or bleed dye.

Try wearing your bright T-shirt out with skinny jeans and heels, or a scarf and a cardigan. Layer a different colored tank top underneath the T-shirt or belt it over leggings for a casual look.