How to Make a Baby Shower Towel Cake

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Baby Shower towel cakes are becoming very popular amongst new moms. Towel cakes are fun to create, easy to decorate and do not cost much to make. The best part about making towel cakes is that everything placed on them can be used by the new mom for her baby. New moms and other guests at the baby shower will marvel over the finished product.

Select a theme to center around your towel cake. Be creative and try and gear it toward the theme of the baby shower. For example, if the baby shower colors are blue and brown, use blue and brown towels with matching ribbon and small baby items to decorate the towel cake. Some items that can be used are a baby rattle, bottle, lotion, shampoo and a stuffed animal to top the cake.

Lay the regular-size towels flat on a table lengthwise and fold them in half twice. Once they are folded, lay the regular-size towels on top of one another. Roll the regular-size towels from one end to the other. Keep the roll tight and even by slowly rolling the towels together. Secure the end of the towel roll with a safety pin. The ends may appear a little uneven, but this is normal. Wrap a decorative ribbon around the center of the towel roll for added security. This roll will form the bottom layer of the towel cake. Place the bottom layer of the towel cake on the cake stand.

Lay the hand towels flat on a table and fold them in half lengthwise. Roll the hand towels the same way as the regular towels, making sure they stay tightly together. Fasten with a safety pin and add ribbon to the middle of the cake. This is the second layer of the towel cake. Place the second layer of towels on top of the first layer.

Roll the two washcloths the same as the other two layers. Remember to hold it securely in place and hook with a safety pin for added security. Add a decorative ribbon to the middle of the last layer and place on top of the towel cake. The towel cake now has three tiers and is ready to decorate.

Place the item chosen as the cake topper on top of the last layer. Secure the item to the top of the cake using double-sided tape. Add the other items to the remaining three tiers on the cake.

Wrap the towel cake in cellophane and give as a gift or use as a center piece during the baby shower.