How to Dress a Guy

by David Lipscomb ; Updated September 28, 2017

Men -- especially young men -- make fashion mistakes. Typically, these errors revolve around inexperience and maintaining bad habits. As men in their 20s evolve from college life into the business world, their look must also evolve from T-shirts and jeans into something more refined. Dressing guys is made easier if classic looks and simplicity are the focus over trends and ostentation.

Men should own at least two pairs of quality shoes -- black and brown that lace up. There's an axiom that a $100 pair of shoes will last less than one year; a $200 pair will last exactly twice as long and a $300 pair will last a lifetime. Whether at an important interview or on a first date, the first thing many will notice is a guy's footwear.

It is essential that men have at least one lightweight, grey wool suit. Not only is the weight appropriate year round, but the color works at the office, a funeral or a wedding. Thinner suit coats without excessive padding also work well with a set of dark denim jeans for a business casual look.

Investing in a few white, light blue and pale pink oxford cloth button-down shirts for your man is smart. Shirts like these are timeless and work well in the office and with a pair of shorts for the beach. Pale colors are versatile enough to work with virtually any color sweater, pant or leather piece.

Don't make purchasing decisions based on the newest runway look. Very often, these shows and events are intended for the designer or fashionista and not meant to be worn on the street.

Make sure things fit. Baggy equals sloppy and makes heavier guys look heavier. Some shops offer free tailoring for their goods. Use these services if something needs to be a little shorter or taking in a hair.

Purchase dark denim only. Avoid trends such as excessively large stitching, logos and other eyesores that will fade into obscurity after a few years. This is especially true for expensive brands that feature these touches. Good quality denim is fitted -- not tight -- and is versatile enough for casual Fridays and some restaurants alike.

Know when it's acceptable for your man to wear casual items. Jeans and sweatshirts are great for lounging around the house, but are not appropriate for business environments -- unless it's a creative workplace such as an advertising agency or software design house.

Have at least one cashmere sweater in his closet. Lightweight offerings in neutral colors are flexible enough to keep for a quick warm up in almost any environment.

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