How to Display Handbags

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Whether you manage a retail store that sells purses or make handbags to sell at craft shows, it's important for you to display them in a way that catches the eye of potential customers. Simply placing them on a table or hanging them haphazardly on a rack won't do the merchandise justice. Instead, use some creativity and display the handbags in a way that makes them stand out in the crowd.

Retail Store

Install hooks or decorative knobs throughout the shop and hang different purses on them. Make a display of four to six purses hanging from hooks on a vacant wall between clothing racks or displays. This can entice customers to look at a new purse to go with the outfit they want to buy. Take advantage of small wall spaces that are otherwise unused.

Mount shelves on the walls that customers can easily reach. Arrange different styles, sizes and colors of handbags on the shelves to create a colorful and interesting display.

Place a well-dressed mannequin next to the entrance of the store or in an area with a display of purese. Hang a handbag on her arm. This will give customers an idea of how they can pair a new handbag with an outfit.

Turn a bunch of colorful storage cubes on their sides and stack them to create a pyramid-type structure. Stabilize them with wire ties and place a purse in each cube for display.

Displaying Handbags at Shows

Cover a large table with a piece of colored fabric to create a backdrop.

Arrange cardboard boxes -- large enough to top with one or two handbags -- on top of the table and drape pieces of fabric over the boxes to conceal them.

Place handbags in various positions on the table. Some can go on top of the boxes. Others can lean against the boxes.

Position a purse rack nearby and hang extra purses for sale on the rack.