How to Decorate With Tulle to Hide Poles

by Meaghan Clark

Items you will need

  • Tulle
  • Pole
  • Safety pins or zip ties
  • Scissors

Tulle is a fabric that is used to add color and energy to events. The most common colors are cream or white, but tulle comes in a variety of colors that easily can add vibrancy and professionalism to an event.

Step 1

For each pole, get at least triple the amount of tulle to the length of the pole.

Step 2

Clear the pole and surrounding area of any debris.

Step 3

Take the end of the fabric and carefully begin wrapping it around the bottom of the pole, making sure to hold the end until it is secure behind several more layers.

Step 4

Overlap the tulle to conceal the pole. For a darker color or to more thoroughly disguise the pole, wrap the tulle more than once. Secure with a zip tie or safety pin once at the top.

Step 5

Wrap several extra layers of fabric at the top of the pole. Cut the final strip of tulle at the top of the pole. Secure with a safety pin, concealed behind the outermost layer.

Step 6

Create a separate bow with the remaining tulle and attach it to the pole, securing it with a safety pin from the back or zip tie.


  • Zip ties can be found in the electrical section of a hardware store, but often only come in white; if you don't want your security device to stand out from a more vibrant-colored tulle, use safety pins.

    As tulle is malleable and extremely lightweight, you can retrace your steps if something isn't to your satisfaction.


  • Tulle creases and wrinkles easily; store around a bolt to diminish a worn look following long periods of storage.

    Tulle easily can get dirty, so make sure the area you are wrapping isn't muddy or wet.

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