How to Decorate the Front Door for Christmas

Susie Delaney

During the holidays, many people will see a flurry of front door traffic, whether it's loved ones, carolers or the mailman with his daily haul of packages. It's only natural to want a front door that reflects the spirit of the season as much as what's behind it. Four rustic DIY projects will give your front porch some extra holiday flair.

Herb Wreath

Susie Delaney

This herb wreath is as functional as it is beautiful. You’ll be greeted with a fresh fragrance every time you open your door. Moreover, you’ll always have herbs on hand for your holiday dishes. Choose a grapevine wreath as a base to ensure your wreath looks good even as you snip herbs for cooking.

Mistletoe Kissing Ball

Susie Delaney

Give your guests a hearty welcome with this DIY mistletoe kissing ball above the door frame. Pin sheet moss and mistletoe sprigs to floral foam for a quick way to share the love of the holiday season. Be careful though -- tradition has it that kissing under the mistletoe can lead to marriage. Choose wisely.

Wooden Christmas Tree

Susie Delaney

If you have extra space on your landing, this wooden Christmas tree makes the perfect rustic accent. It’s a weekend project that requires 2-by-4s, a closet pole and a few power tools. Add nails to the limbs to hang your favorite ornaments. When the season is over, you can disassemble the tree for easy storage.


Susie Delaney

Whether displayed on a sconce or on the limbs of a wooden tree, candles give your entrance a soft, warm glow. And they are easy to make at home with materials available at any craft store. If you live in a particularly windy area, you may want your candles encased in a lantern. And be sure to put your candles in an area that is secure and away from flammable objects.

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