How to Decorate for a Wedding at Home

At-home weddings can be decorated using a variety of affordable items. There are many creative solutions for wedding decor, from center pieces to aisle decorations. Whether the house is a small cottage or a luxurious mansion, it is fairly easy to create an elegant home wedding.

Determine how much space you will need for the wedding. There should be approximately 6 to 10 square feet per guest. Keep your wedding theme and color choices in mind when purchasing decorating items. Decide if the wedding is going to be indoor, outdoor or both.

Purchase several yards of tulle. Wrap or weave the tulle around staircases. Tie tulle around chairs and finish off with bows or knots. After the bows are completed, spread out the tulle for a puffy effect.

Place votive candles in glass cylinders to create centerpieces. Add colored rocks or pebbles to the cylinders that accent your wedding color scheme and put the cylinders on every table for the reception. Leave a book of matches near the cylinder in case the flame goes out.

Plug in the strands of lights to check for proper working order. For backyard decorating, drape the lights in trees. Hand more strands of lights on decks and around the reception area. Lights can also be added to an archway or gazebo.

Decorate the aisle by lining it with the beta fish. Feed the fish and wipe down the bowls. When the ceremony is over, give the beta fish to guests as gifts.