How to Decorate for a Small Backyard Wedding

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You can have the wedding of your dreams right in your backyard. This is a do-it yourself kind of wedding that requires planning, making decisions, and creativity. A small backyard wedding does not need to be difficult or stressful. Have a plan and be prepared for the unexpected. When making your plan set the tone and theme for your big day and stick to it throughout the decor. Turn your backyard into the perfect setting for your small, intimate wedding.

Prepare the backyard for the wedding. Clean up any debris in the yard like branches, dead plants, garbage and/or broken lawn decor. Power wash any cement or brick areas and make repairs where necessary. Make sure the lawn is groomed, and prune the plants and trees.

Designate a covered area. Put up a tent that can house all of the wedding guests, the food, and the cake. The tent should have appropriate weatherproofing for the season: rain guards, fans/air-conditioners, or heaters.

Set up different areas for seating. You will need seating for the ceremony, meal and relaxation/socialization during the reception. Rows of seats for the ceremony can easily be moved to tables for the meal and rearranged again for the reception.

Utilize the natural decor in the yard. Enhance the flowers and plants that are growing in the yard by decorating with coordinating flora in all of the designated wedding areas.

Create the mood and decorate with lighting. String decorative electric lights around the tent, in an archway, and along pathways. Use candles on the tables and in a water feature located in the yard.

Decorate with tulle, ribbons and satin to create a romantic look. Soften walls and fences with draped tulle. Hang material on the tables, chair, tent or any stationary object that could use a little pizazz.

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Make a separate area for the ceremony to take place. An arch or backdrop will work to create a space that will draw attention to the bride and groom during their special moment.