How to Decorate a Wedding Trellis

A decorated wedding trellis is a beautiful backdrop for a wedding altar. They look stunning for a garden or outdoor wedding, but would also make a lovely addition to an indoor ceremony. Decorating a wedding trellis is easy to do, but give yourself some time to accomplish the task in case you need to make quick trips to the store for extra supplies. Gather your bridesmaids together a couple of days before the wedding to decorate the wedding trellis. Store the trellis indoors at the location of the ceremony. This will prevent possible damage from occurring if transported from somewhere else.

Unfold the tulle. Find the center of the 6 yard length. Gather the center in your hands and attach to the top, front, center of the trellis using a zip tie. Gather one end of the tulle approximately 8 inches from the cut end and attach to the bottom, front on one side of the trellis using a zip tie. Repeat for the other side. Space, gather and attach in two more spots on each side of the trellis. Fluff and poof between each zip tie.

Attach the ivy vine garlands the top center of the trellis over the zip tie. Wrap 12 feet of garland loosely around the trellis and tulle on one side of the wedding trellis. Wrap the remaining 12 feet on the opposite side of the trellis. Repeat and wrap the rose vine garland around the trellis. Wrap in the opposite direction of the ivy garland.

Gather six silk stemmed roses together in a bunch and wrap them together with craft wire. Cut the stems to 8 inches long. Repeat for a total of six bunches of roses. Space the bunches evenly around the trellis arch, inserting the stems among the vines. Use craft wire to secure to the trellis.

Form five large loopy bows using the tulle ribbon and space evenly around the arch. Wire them to attach.

Separate the bunches of baby's breath and insert among the vines. You may want to wait until the day of the wedding and after the arch has been put in place for this step, so that they do not become dislodged.